RIPE Atlas Tracepath

This is a demo version of RIPE Atlas Tracepath, only some measurements can be used. Data and IP addresses details may be outdated.
Choose one of the following demo measurements, hit the Load graph button to load a sample graph that has already been customized or push the Load measurement button to build it from scratch.
To use the real version, download and install it.

Demo measurements:


  • Enter the ID of the RIPE Atlas traceroute measurement to analyze into the Msm ID field.
    • To run your own distributed traceroute, host a RIPE Atlas probe, start earning credits and perform your own customised measurements.
  • If needed, enter a RIPE Atlas API key which is authorized to access the given measurement into the API Key field.
  • Hit the Load measurement button and wait until the results are loaded and the graph displayed.
Once the graph has been shown you can adjust probes' and ASes' position by moving them on the canvas; multiple selection allowed using the shift key. Double click on an AS or probe to restore its default position.
Click on a probe to highlight its path toward the target and to show details about its traceroute results.
You can save the graph using the Save graph button, exporting it as a PNG image or JSON blob, and import it later using the Load graph button.

Options are available to show/hide probes and text results.

Data source

  • IP addresses information are taken from RIPE Stat.
  • Internet Exchange Points information are taken from PeeringDB.